Saints’ Bridge


Celts to the Creche 

 Celtic Advent Devotional 2017

An Advent Pilgrimage with Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Saints 

Advent Begins December 3, 2017

Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus from the Book of Kells. Trinity College, Dublin

              Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus from the Book of Kells. Trinity College, Dublin

2017 Celtic Advent Pilgrimage Begins!

The early Celtic monks would get into their little leather boats called coracles, paddle out to the sea, pull their oars into the boat, and pray, “Spirit, blow me to my place of Resurrection.”

Wherever they landed, was to be the place chosen by the Spirit where they would live, share the Gospel, and experience their future Day of Resurrection at the end of their life.  In our sacred imagination, let us jump into our little coracle and ask the Spirit to blow us to places we never dreamed or imagined as we journey together with the Celts to the Creche, where Christ is born anew in our lives this holy season.

A Note from Pastorpilgrim: Thank you so much for joining me on this 2017 Celts to the Creche pilgrimage.  I am passionate about the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon saints, so if there is too much information for you, just read the first section, browse through the photos, and scroll down the page to the “Meditation.” You will still get a good sense of that saint’s life and work.  It is my hope that as you read these daily devotionals, that one of these saints may touch your life and become a soul friend. May this Advent season be especially  “thin” for all of us.

Also, I have had several questions about why I did not do the typical 40 Days of Celtic Advent. I have also been asked where  are my other saints I usually have on I was preparing my last few saints to make this a 40 Day Celtic Advent devotional when Hurricane Harvey hit where I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas. With all the horrific flooding that many encountered and trying to help with the recovery, along with caring for my spouse who broke his shoulder in a bicycle accident in late September, this update did not happen. I hope the saints and my readers can forgive me for putting this Advent Devotional on the back shelf for a few months. Things are beginning to calm down along the Gulf Coast, but full restoration will take years. Yet, with some certainty, I can say there will be a 40 days of Lent devotional with the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon saints entitled, Celts to the Crossunless of course, some other horrific disaster comes upon our area (please Lord, no!).

 It is my hope that you will be  watching for the announcement of Celts to the Cross in late winter. The saints you have missed will be there along with some new added Celtic and Anglo-Saxon saints. (I am actually delighted to know that some of you have missed some our “friends on the other side.”  I hope you will be looking forward with anticipation as I am  to their return to Celts to the Creche and Celts to the Cross on

Blow, Spirit, Blow 

Leather Coracle. photo from boats

A Celtic Prayer for Pilgrimage

God be with us at each stop and each sea;

At each lying down and each rising up;

In the trough of the waves;

On the crest of the billows;

Each step of the journey we take.